Can I ship lithium-ion batteries from USA?


By James Blackwood

updated 7 months ago

Being able to ship lithium-ion batteries is dependent upon three things:

1) The type of battery (as shown below)

2) The country restrictions, which you can go here to find out more

3) The carrier you chose, which can be found right below this question

PI965 - Loose batteries - NOT ALLOWED

EXAMPLE: phone batteries, camera batteries, etc.

  • Due to regulations by the IATA, FAA, and the TSA, cannot ship loose lithium-ion batteries

PI966 - Batteries packed with equipment - ALLOWED (CARRIER RESTRICTIONS APPLY)

EXAMPLE: A phone + phone battery

  • Requires rigid outer packaging in order to provide protection from damage or compression of the batteries, the inner packaging must be placed in a strong, rigid, outer packaging.

    PI967 - Batteries contained in equipment - ALLOWED (CARRIER RESTRICTIONS APPLY)
    EXAMPLE: A phone with the battery inside it

    NOTE: If your items do not come with the original product box, please place a "special request" to have the items be repacked in a cardboard box and then placed in the shipping box.

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